Chelsea is about to get the picture.

Chelsea Meade has a problem. As yearbook editor, it’s her job to take pictures of all the clubs and teams at Franklin Delano High. No small task. But it’s not just taking the pictures that’s the problem. In addition to wrangling the unruly boys swim team, and appeasing her control freak of a Principal, Chelsea discovers a mysterious face appearing in her photos.

At first, she suspects it’s just a prank, some dumb freshman photobombing yearbook pictures as a joke. But when Chelsea asks around, no one seems to know who this mystery boy is. Then she makes a startling discovery.

Haunted by an image…

Chelsea gets more than she bargained for when the boy in her pictures turns out to be a dead-ringer for former student Todd Andersen. The problem? Todd Andersen is dead. He died twenty years ago when he set off a bomb in the school, killing himself in the blast. Could Chelsea actually be taking pictures of a ghost?

Digging up the past can be a dangerous game, and questions mount as Chelsea delves deeper into the possibility that an angry spirit is haunting her every move. Is Todd Andersen truly back from the dead? Is there more to his story than a suicide bombing? Even more troubling, what does he want with her?

Swept up in a harrowing mystery, what Chelsea uncovers endangers not only her life but the lives of everyone at Franklin Delano High. Chelsea discovers a second plot to bomb the school. Can she act before it’s too late, or will this picture be her last?